Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cutie Pie

Not sure what's up with the angle, but it looks really weird!!!  LOL.  SO, I wanted to give the card some dimension, so I made the pie and the pink strip hang over a bit.  My daughter thought I was weird, but that's not new so I take her opinion with a grain of salt!  Also added the cupids because I thought it needed something.  You could add hearts or something instead.  I used the 'From My Kitchen' cartridge and it's cut at 3 inches to fit the card.  If you don't have a Cricut, I would like to point out how easy it would be to do this.  Just cut basic shapes mostly.  Pie is done with 2 ovals, cherry a circle, pan rounded bottom with straight sides.  Don't get me wrong, would have never occurred to me if I didn't have the cartridge!!!  LOL. 
I made the inside kind of simple.  I used some of my 'scrap' (it's never really scrap though is it?  Come on, you can admit to me that you have a storage spot FULL of 'scrap' paper!  I layered it a bit to, well honestly, get rid of some of the extra paper, but it looks cute too!  Plus, if you are sending more than one card to the same household, you can bet they will be playing the 'mine's better than yours' game!!!  Good luck to all!!!
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