Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Gift Bag Re-do!

I've seen many super cute gift bags made on different blogs that I thought were super cute. Ya'll know at the Zoo I can't throw anything away, so I kept thinking 'why on earth would they go BUY plain gift bags, when you can just save them!?!' So the other day I needed a bag, and though I had plenty, they were either the wrong size or they were Christmas bags! SO, I took one of the lovely dark green Christmas bags, and converted it! I used 'A Child's Life' cartridge and regular scrapbook glue to adhere it. It stayed well and I thought I would share it with you as a 'bonus' post. I'm trying to get some sort of organization here, as far as how I do my posts (i.e. recipes one day, crafts another, etc) but I haven't quite got that down yet! Soon, though, soon! Hope you like it and are inspired to convert one of your old gift bags for a new occasion!

***As a side note, ignore that black shadow looking thing, my camera is angry with me!!!

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