Saturday, August 27, 2011

Road Trip Kit

We took a little vacation recently, it was great!!! We went to Branson, Missouri for four days. It was a great chance to relax and enjoy each other's company without any outside stresors! A dear friend and her husband have a timeshare there, so we were able to have some great fellowship time with them. I'll post more about that soon!

Typically, any trip for us is stressful. Chief doesn't like being in the car long and worries about schedules and traffic. It's very difficult for both Chief and I to let go of our daily life stresses, so we spend a lot of time in our own little world and it is inevitable that we will forget somethingand leave it behind!

So, with that in mind, I decided to get super worried BEFORE the trip so I wouldn't have to worry DURING the trip! Preparation was the key, ladies and gentleman! I went to the library and got five Lake Wobegon CD's. If you've never listened to Lake Wobegon, I highly recommend it! It's stories told about a small town. Most are funny, remind you of the 'good ole days' and all of the stories remind you of what is really important in life and how blessed we truly are!

I got everything packed up the few days before and as I was trying to make sure we had all of the 'little' things necessary for the trip, I decided to make a Road Trip Kit. I put in all of the things that our family typically needs on a journey. I'll put a list of 'ingredients' at the bottom of the post!
   I took the biggest shoe box I could find and went to work! (As a side note, these are probably the best shoes I've ever had and I will be buying another pair when I finally get through destroying the ones I have! They really work your muscles and do wonders for your back and knees!)

 I attempted to use as much 'scrap' scrapbook paper I had as well as the paper that I am really not a huge fan of, I figured the box wouldn't survive too long! I used my Cricut machine to cut out the letters, camper, and car. I had to do the camper, even though we don't have one. My Great Grandparents use to go on caravans and travel all over. I loved their caravan as a child, still do! So, as a tribute to them, I added it to my box d├ęcor!
That would be my Tator Bug peeking over the box!!!  He likes to be in the middle of things, so if I'm doing something, he lays up by it.  He jumped up there right as I snapped the picture!  Of course, it was too cute to do a different one!!!  
Now, back to our regularly scheduled program...
Last but not least, I covered the whole box in contact paper. It's not an easy feat getting the contact paper to not try to come off at the edges, so I had to use some scotch tape for the corners to make it lay down, but you honestly can't tell unless you are looking for it!

I used some boxes that would have otherwise been trashed to make 'dividers' for my things. Graham cracker boxes, tea boxes, etc. all work really well! I found two boxes that would fit, as I wanted as much dividing space as possible!

Next, I got out my mini baggies! Love those things!!! I put everything that needed to be seperated in different bags.

Now, for my list o' ingredients:

First Aide Baggies- band aides, triple antibiodic ointment, alcohol swabs, aspirins, tums, etc.,. Don't buy a kit, it's cheaper in the long run to make one, as once you buy all of the stuff, you will have enough to make a kit for your house and 2-3 vehicles! Depending, of course, how often it's needed. Just remember that the medicine has to be in it's bottle, lest for some reason you get pulled over. Don't want to have to explain why you have little white pills (aspirin) in a baggie!
Ladies Products: Umm, yeah... Even if it's not that time, it's always good to have them just in case! You'd be amazed what can be done with a tampon in a pinch! (Perhaps I will post more of that later! LOL.

Road Trip Meal Enhancements: baggie with ketchup, salt, pepper, BBQ, toothpicks, peppermints, napkins, drink mixes, etc. Use sauces that aren't going to ruin due to heat or cold. I use the packets that we get when we eat out. Remember, sauces get their own baggies! That way, if they bust everything else isn't ruined!!!

Additional things I put in the box:
Extra Vehicle Cell Phone Charger
Nail Clippers
Rubberbands (you'd be amazed how handy these come in!)
Plastic Shopping Bags (for when the other trash bag gets full!)
EXTRA napkins!
Clorox bleach pen
Laundry Stain Remover Pen
**Anything Else your family needs at home frequently (i.e. my Monkey's braces rubberbands)


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