Friday, September 9, 2011

Featuring Gluesticks This Friday!!!

Hello All!  I have decided to post some of my favorite projects from Gluesticks!  Brandy is incredibly talented and there are so many of her projects that I desperately want to try!!!  However, I have narrowed it down....  Well, somewhat!  Without further ado.....
Since we are house shopping, I thought I would post this one first!  I love this floor runner!   The greatest thing is we can do it to match our stuff without having to shop around forever trying to find the right colors!!!  
I love these!  I'm always wanting to do a wreath but I don't want to go out and buy the stuff!  Since I have a million different pieces of cardstock, this wreath is perfect!!!  Brandy did a great job on ttutorial!  Be sure and check this project out!!!
This purse is too cute!!!  She has the link to the pattern and everything!  Plus, if you make it a little bigger, you can have a grocery bag!  Yay!!!  Love this bag!  She also made a matching wallet to go with  it, along with that pattern too!  

Hope you all have enjoyed a glimpse into Brandy's world over at Gluesticks!  Be sure and check out her great projects!!!  As for me, my beautiful God-daughter will be here soon, so I'll be signing off now!!!  Have an awesome weekend!!!
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