Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Baked Taquitos

Quick, simple recipe.  Right up my alley
I made them the other night thanks to Chief Zoo Keeper's request!  The turned out way better than I thought (as taquitos are normally deep fried!)  Hope you enjoy them as much as we did!!!

flour tortillas
ground meat
taco seasoning
1 can green chilis
non-stick cookie spray
minced garlic
chopped onion (opt.)
chopped bell pepper (opt)

1.  Brown 1-2 lbs of ground beef or ground turkey with onion, bell peppers, and or garlic if desired.  We used turkey.  As for the amount, just use however much you normally would!  Remember that these will freeze really well to have for future meals, also Monkey took one to school and ate it cold for lunch.  She really enjoyed it!

2.  Once you've browned the meat, drain grease and add taco seasoning.  If you used ground turkey, I suggest using low sodium beef broth to simmer it in, but it's up to you!  The broth adds a lot of great flavor!  We typically use broth.  Let it simmer until seasoning has soaked into the meat.

3.  Next, mix in a can of green chilis.  Stir well.  Once the juice has simmered into the meat you have options.
             A. Mix in shredded cheese, stir, then proceed
             B.  Proceed, then add cheese
             C.  Skip the cheese altogether

 4.  Spray a cake pan or cookie sheet with nonstick cooking spray.  Set aside.

5.  Roll a small amount of meat mixture up into the tortilla shell.    Lay into baking sheet and spray the tops.  of the taquitos.

6.  Bake for about 6-10 minutes, flip over and repeat until lightly  browned to your taste at 350!  Enjoy!

My Suggestions to go with them:
Mexican or Spanish Rice
Refried Beans

I always hate trying to come up with side dishes!  For some reason or another, it stresses me out!  What else do you suggest to serve with it???  I'll take all the tips I can get!!!

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