Thursday, December 15, 2011

More Free Stuffage!

Okay, first stop being so serious with everything and go check out this video:
It's a super cute Smurf's video.  Made me laugh and reminded me to be silly!

Now, moving on....

Yes, Stuffage is a word....  Well, in my mind it is!  If 'like' can be used at any point many times in a single sentence, stuffage is genius!  Anyway, thought I'd send ya out some more freebies!

  Couponing for Freebies
Couponing for Freebies is a great site!  I'm really enjoying their emails!  Here are my fave freebies they have posted right now:

There are more free samples, great reviews, and giveaways on their site so jump over and check em out!

5 free bonus points via  TWIT15BCJXW2011
**You don't have to have a baby to sign up, you get 100 bonus points when you do sign up!  Also, even if you only do it once, you can donate your points to help charities!  Such as, one of my favorites, Toys for Tots!

Entries must be in by December 29!  You don't have to have a blog, just a pic!  :D

Last but certainly not least, Lil Luna has a list of 20 free printables that are amazingly cute!  Thought I would bring them to your attention!  Let her know the Zoo sent ya!  :D
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