Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Earning on Swagbucks

Hey Guys!  To date, I have gotten somewhere close to $100 in Amazon gift cards from Swagbucks.  I thought I'd share some 'tips' with ya.

First, I'll say this:  IF for some crazy odd reason you've yet to discover or get into swagbucks, stop being silly and get into it NOW!!!  Here's the deal, even if you don't use it often it doesn't take much effort.  I spend literally less than ten minutes a day and get a good amount of bucks without spending a dime!  I'll give you tips below, but just in case, you can use this banner to sign up!

Search & Win

So, we all know you get various amounts for searches, but here are some easy to do ways to get extra points daily without taking a whole lot of your time:

Coupons  Varies, but free coupons AND you get rewarded!  Double score!  :D
Daily poll  1 buck, 10 seconds
NOSO 2 bucks, 30 seconds
Swagbucks TV: I play them as I'm cooking, they can be quite interesting and you don't honestly have to watch if you don't wanna!  Just keep playing videos!
Surveys: Varies, honestly I don't like surveys, but go for it if you do!
Games:  Ha!  Free games AND you get rewarded!  Helloooooo  time killa!
Special Offers: Varies, but the videos take less than a minute each and you get 1 buck per video, of course it depends on how many you qualify for!
come here and check for codes!  Use the widget on the right!  :D

Here are some catches to watch for:
I'm an Amazon junkie, so I'm here to let ya know: watch for pricing when redeeming.  In example, it is a better deal to get $5 Amazon cards BUT you can only get 5 cards per month.  SO, if you want to get gift cards for Christmas, buy a few at a time (up to 5) rather than saving them up!

Also, it can take up to 2 weeks to get your codes.  Don't expect them to come instantly!

Anything you'd like to know about swagbucks?  I'd love to find out for you!  Any secrets you'd like to share?
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Get free stuff, including gift cards by using Swagbucks. I've redeemed $25.00 worth of Amazon gift cards, but they have other gift cards and prizes! Go and check 'em out, or if your already a member, you can use this engine to search or find out what's going on around Swagbucks!