Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Tale of One Housewife: Guest Blogger

When asked if I would like to do a post as a guest blogger
I of course said, Yes!
So I write a little blog, mostly for myself and my sanity.
All about my life as a house wife and my quirky hobbies and such.
My hobbies include but are not limited to, in no particular order.
Twilight Stalking, Go Team Edward!
****Zoo Says: Go Team Jacob!  LOL***
Photography, Movie watching, caring for my 2 Dotson puppies, 
and Thirty-One Selling. 
Just to name a few.
As I have many.
I have a 10 year old son and a husbad of 11 1/2 years.
***Zoo says: It's crazy to think we're all grown up and it could possibly be that long!***
We like to do family night on Friday nights where we choose 
something to go out and do something. 
We enjoy going to baseball games played by the local semi-pro team,
seeing a movie, shopping, or just eating out.
Right now I am working hard to build a new business with Thirty-One Products.
I absolutly love all of it!
***Zoo points out that if you are shy of the $200 for the free gift, you can totally order something for the Zoo***
They have great Utlity totes to help get you organized for the new year, 
Stylish purses that you can even have personalized, and great office gear!
That is just a few of the great products we offer!
Right now there is a sale on Thermal Totes untill the end of Jan.
Only $10! and $15 for the brand new Cinch-it-Up Thermals.
A great way to carry your luch to work, This is perfect for that New Years Resloution to lose weight
by packing healthy lunches as well as saving money by skipping that take out! 
You can even add your name or a cute saying like Num Num's or My Munchies in a color of your choice!
This will keep me busy in the New Year.
What are you looking forward to in your New Year?
Here is a list of my great sites if you are intrested.
If you Order at least $200 from Thirty-One through me personally(give me a call or email)
By Jan 15th I will throw in a free gift!
To check out the full catalog  http://www.mythirtyone.com/crystalsj31/
But remember to get a free gift you must speak with me, I cant get you that offer if you order through the site.
Email address webllets@gmail.com email for my # Tell me the Zoo sent ya!!!
I had fun with this, I hope you enjoyed it as well!
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