Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Personal Alarm System Review

This one is a MUST for everyone!  It gets a LOT of attention!  This personal alarm system is from  Ila Security and it's really great.  They were designed by three gentlemen seeking a security assistant for their wives and daughters.  They wanted something stylish and convenient but at the same time something that would assist in gaining attention in case of an attack.  Let me tell ya, use this sucker and you WILL get attention!  They each have a three year warranty, though I suspect with emergency only use they would probably last longer.

At 130 decibels, people look, people pay attention.  If for no other reason than they honestly sound like different than the common alarm.  The Dusk scream alarm is one of the two products.  When engaged it basically has a woman screaming repeatedly at a very high pitch and loud tone.  Just can't help but turn and look at it, as it's not a common sound.  It's designed to put on a purse or keychain.  I really like the way it is engaged, as it's simple to engage but not something one would think to do in order to disengage.  Trust me, with that noise, you will NOT forget how to do it but I like to think that perhaps an attacker won't know what to do with it!

The other personal alarm system is the Ila Pebble.  Cute, compact, loud.  It's also designed to get attention when you may not be able to.  It has a button, but the button is won't set off the alarm by itself.  In order to do so, one has to also pull the chord.  This ensures that it doesn't go off in your purse!  I feel like it would also provide a distraction as far as figuring out how to get it to turn off.  In a panic, I don't think anyone is thinking clearly enough to properly use problem solving skills!

You can watch a video about these products and their doorstop alarm, perfect for those who travel on their website.  You can also use this direct link to get there.  This will be on my list to buy for all my teenage and college age girls, as even I remember feeling invincible at that age!  You can learn more about them at their website then go here to order yours.  I'd suggest one for every female family member at LEAST!
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