Thursday, February 23, 2012

Survivor Scavenger Hunt Teen Game

Hello My Lovelies! Okay, that was creepy! LOL.

Moving on now!

You all may *or may not* remember the review I did before for the Truth or Dare Teen Scavenger hunt? (Go here for a refresher)  Anyway, I really enjoyed reviewing the game!  It was great!  Looked like so much fun!

Anyway, the awesome creator of this and many other similar games agreed to let me do a second review!  *YAY*  So today I am bringing ya another teen game!  It's nice to find a game the kids don't think is lame!  :D

With the start of the new Survivor season, I guess this is perfect timing!  LOL.  I don't watch it, but my Momma is in LOVE with the show!  :D  She keeps me up to date on facts that I honestly am not listening to! 

About that moving on thing again...  LOL

So, I can imagine you have guessed what the game is all about!  Now, some details!

Teams are divided up and compete against one another to be the first to find the name of the island given by the mysterious Voodoo natives!  Team members have to be careful not to become cursed *curse of the crazy itch has been going around I hear!* by the voodoo natives!  They must collect supplies to survive-food, water, shelter, fire- and the first to find the name wins!

This game sounds perfect for a Hawiian themed party!  It can be easily played in the backyard or if you have access to the woods or a national park, you could play there (just be sure that everything is collected!)  Also, I just so happen to have a set of invitations that would work perfect for a party them of this sort!  You can find them here!

You can read more details about the game and order yours here!  Now, get over there and get to planning!

Have you ever done a scavenger hunt?  Have some other related posts?  We'd love for you to share them!!!

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