Thursday, February 16, 2012

Swagbucks $1000 Giveaway

Okay, if you haven't joined Swagbucks- NOW is the time!  Their birthday is coming up and they are having a fine swagging party!  They are giving out all kinds of prizes, even a THOUSAND BUCKS!!!  Now, if you aren't signed up, go here and use the code BIRTHDAYBASH12 when you sign up. You'll get an extra 110 swagbucks, but you HAVE to use it during sign up! Just FYI, 450 swagbucks gets you $5 on Amazon!

Now, if you've already signed up, have you got your RSVP in for the party??? If not, go! Now! Join the beach party with me so we can enjoy the lovely beach, open air, and join the Swag Gal for some great beachy fun!!! You could join the penthouse, but it's gonna be all stuffy- who wants to be crammed in a little ole penthouse! LOL
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Get free stuff, including gift cards by using Swagbucks. I've redeemed $25.00 worth of Amazon gift cards, but they have other gift cards and prizes! Go and check 'em out, or if your already a member, you can use this engine to search or find out what's going on around Swagbucks!