Monday, March 26, 2012

My Memories Monday #17

**Read in an Carnival Game Dude Voice!**

Ladies & Gentlemen
Boys & Girls

Step right on up here and check out today's fabulously
adorable amazingly done 
My Memories Monday Number SIXTEEN!!!

Ladies & Gentlemen
you KNOW 16 was a magic year for ya
so you MUST have this week's freebie!!!  

Continuing with the fabulous hues 
of pinks and purples and such
check it out!

**Continue in the Voice!!!**

Ladies & Gentleman
This weeks is a must have!!!
Now, step right up 
click right here
to download yours now!!!
Don't wait or you'll miss it!!!

**Now to Radio DJ disclaimer Voice**
**Remember, ya gotta read it fast but soak it in!**
Something about rules.
No one cares about those!
Please continue to read.
Must read really fast.
Words aren't gonna change.
The Zoo Keeper had way too much coffee this morning
and My Memories is not to blame
nor is this adorable page presented previously
we should probably get her some help!  
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