Friday, March 23, 2012

Nissan & Habitat for Humanity

Hey Everyone! Nissan has been partnering with Habitat for Humanity since 2006. They have given $7.5 million dollars in grants and donations, built 50 homes, donated 104 Nissan vehicles to help building efforts, and over 5,000 Nissan employees have volunteered over 56k hours for them! Now, they are giving consumers a chance to join in by visiting here to make a donation or find volunteer opportunities across the country!

In addition, Nissan launched a humorous FB app to celebrate their partnership with Habitat for Humanity and get more people involved with their efforts to build sustainable homes for those in need.   The game is rather entertaining, as your job is to instruct a habitat volunteer to do something.  My suggestion: throw it!  It will make you giggle!  :D  Go here and try it out!

The players with the top 100 scores will get recognition in the form of a personalized video from Nissan volunteers, where those volunteers will hammer a nail for them to show their appreciation along with a Nissan t-shirt!

Below is a video showing one of the things you can do in the app.  I have to say, watching it makes me think of that song: 'I am WOMAN, hear me roar!'  LOL.

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