Saturday, March 31, 2012

Send-A-Flying Card Review

Okay, so I love this concept!  Send a Flying Card is a company that, well, sends flying cards!  This card seems like it would be an awesome way to celebrate a special occasion for a loved one that is far away!  You can add your own image and words to make it extra special!

I got mine in the mail pretty quickly.  It was pretty special, I will admit.  Such a different thing to receive.  This is apparently a common response, according to the testimonials on their press release page!  In case you were wondering, these aren't the flimsy frizbees, they are made to be played with!  You can easily take off the address label from the back so that you have a frizbee you can keep! 

I wondered if they shipped to APO's, then I found that they do FREE shipping to military members!  HA!  I love that too!!!  We are huge supporters of those who serve for our country! 

One thing the Zoo really, really loves is small businesses!  Send a Flying Card is owned by a couple from New York with their two little Monkeys!  Gotta love family businesses, especially since corporations seem to be taking over everything!  One of the cool things on their site that I appreciated was that they have a list of ideas for sending these adorable flying cards with pictures of examples.

So, stop dawdling and get yours ordered for that special someone!  I am planning on ordering one for our adopted soldier today!  I think she may enjoy it!  :D 

****As per those stupid guidelines, I did receive one Flying Card to review.  There was no monetary exchange and receiving the Card did not entitle nor guarantee a review, good or bad.  My opinions will always be my own, as I'm too stubborn to lie.  You can read the 'official' disclosure here!  *****

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