Friday, March 23, 2012

Will your kids eat their veggies?...Copy-Kids DVD Review

Hey Everyone! SO, lately I've been keeping my friends little Monkeys. So, our Zoo is now full of Monkeys! C is 4 years old and L is 2! Lord, are we ever busy! I'm so use to my teen, dealing with the occasional issue, that I'm a little off my game! One thing that drives me nuts is picky eaters, but aren't they all!?! LOL. It's all good though, I've found that if I don't say the name of something, they seem to like it better. Another thing I've found, is this DVD. Copy-Kids is just what it sounds like: a video to get kids to copy! It features some very adorable little Monkeys eating veggies and giggling. L informed me that two of them were her best friends! LOL. Such adorable little ones! Anyway, back to the video. It is divided into 12 chapters, featuring various fruits and veggies. The concept is basically re-enforcing eating healthy foods by our little ones watching other kids eating them. I will admit that at snack time, as her choice argument, Monkey told L that 'her best friend liked carrots' to which L said she liked them too! Funny how that worked out, but then that's why they came up with it! Personally, my favorite chapter was bell peppers. Man those kids were enjoying them! :D Another little cool feature, aside from getting the Monkeys to eat their fruits and veggies, is that they have this little bird that flies through the screen every now and again, tweeting. The tweeting tends to get the attention of the kids again when they get distracted. Personally, I think that it would be really great to break them up and then let the kids try that fruit or veggie! C & L enjoyed the movie, declaring and wanting various veggies! You can get your copy of Copy Kids here.
The DVD runs about $19.95. Personally, if it gets the Monkeys to eat, want, and ask for as well!!! Go and get yours today! Go, get yours. Help the nutrition your little one will eat! Another link to their site. You can watch a sneak peak!
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