Sunday, April 1, 2012

Natural House Household Cleaners: Flushy, Sinky and Trashy!

So, need something to help ya out with your spring cleaning???  If you prefer not to make your own, you should check these out!  Natural House makes natural household cleaning products that are safe for your septic system and will actually continue working when they get there! 

Here's a brief description:

Trashy: cleans and deodorizes trash receptacles, both inside and out!  Especially great for diaper pail smells!  No scrubbing, just spray inside and let air dry, then wipe out!  Problem solved!  Smell and germs GONE!  Just use once a week and your trash can will be smell and germ free!!!
Zoo Thoughts on Trashy:  We love this one!  Previously, to clean the odor out we would soak it, then scrub it, then let it air dry.  WAY less work and more effective!  I feel better knowing that the germs are actually dying and not having to worry about missing a spot!

Flushythis one you put in the bowl for a few minutes, watch it foam or do something else, then wipe down your toilet and let it go.  They recommend doing it once a week.  1 bag will last 30 days.  Once it gets to your septic system, it continues working to break down matters! 
Zoo Thoughts on Flushy:  I'm not gonna lie, I hate hate hate cleaning the toilet!  It has to be my least favorite!  Flushy made it easy, I didn't have to spray a bunch of junk in there and the odor was kept down well!  I love that it doesn't stop working when it reaches the septic!

Sinky: breaks down grease and food scraps to help with slow drains while killing the germs left behind. It helps to break down odors and keep your sink flowing well!
Zoo Thoughts on Sinky:  Having had to have a plumber come more than once for grease being clogged up in the drains (stupid garbage disposal!), I am really excited.  It seems like the disposal and drain are running better.

You can learn more at the links above, like their facebook page, and follow them on twitter!  They can all be purchases, along with some other great cleaners on their website or on Amazon!  We'll be having a giveaway for a 30 day supply soon!

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