Monday, April 2, 2012

Operation Smile & Book Rentals

Hey Everyone!  So today I'm bringing you something a little different.  When I was in college I spent a BOAT load of money on books!  Then, at the end of the semester I'd sell them back for probably a 1/4 of the price.  Great system for them, terrible for me!  Not much benefit, especially considering they'd turn around and sell the same books again for about the same price as I originally paid for it in the first place!  Genius!  Well, on their part!  Now there is a company which you can rent your books, it's way cheaper than buying them and instead of wasting half your student loan money on books, you can save it for more important things, like not having a bunch of payments when you get out! 
Thanks to Campus Bookstore, you don't have to pay shipping, either way and you can highlight in the books!  I will admit, highlighters were very dear friends in college!  Rental periods are flexible, so you don't have to be bound by sell back dates!  :D  Gotta love that one!  
Another cool thing is they donate to Operation Smile with every textbook rental!  Operation Smile is a worldwide children's charity organization which helps provide free surgeries for children with facial deformities.
 So, check out the hilarious video and let me know what you think!  It cracked me up!  While I'm glad I'm not in college anymore, I am sorry they didn't have textbook rentals when I was in school! I don't even want to think about the time I spent in line waiting on, then paying for, those stupid overpriced books!  I especially hated the ones we bought, then couldn't use, but couldn't sell back!  This seems like it would eliminate that problem! 
Anyway, if you or anyone you know are in college or buying college textbooks, go and check them out!  They can save between 40-60%.  Plus, you get $5 for every friend you refer!  Good luck and I hope the video makes ya smile!  
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