Thursday, July 5, 2012

Expiration Guidelines

Hey Everyone!  Thought I'd start a new 'thing' for Thursdays!

Thankless Tips and Tricks Thursdays!!!

We all know being a wife and mom has it's rewards, but we also know so much we do goes unnoticed.  These are tips and tricks that keep the magic going.  Hey, I appreciate you!  Thanks for visiting the Zoo!
I'll focus on tips and tricks of all sorts, let me know if there is anything in particular you are looking for and I'll be happy to research it!  As for today, I have a list of expiration guidelines for ya.  For that stuff that doesn't really 'expire' but you KNOW has to go bad eventually!!!  Hope this is helpful!!!

Acne Treatments - 1 year
Anti-aging Body Lotion - 1 year
Bath Oil - 1 year
Shampoo/Conditioner - 3 years
Hair Gel - 2-3 years
Lipstick - 2 years
Mouthwash - 3 years
Perfume - 2 years
Shaving Cream - 2 years
Foundation - 2 years
Lip Balm - 1-5 years!!!
Mascara - 3-4 months
Nail Polish - 1 year
Toothbrush - 3 months

What would you like to see in Thankless Tips and Tricks???
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