Saturday, August 4, 2012

Making Money Online

Hey Everyone!  I wanted to let ya'll in on some ways I make extra cash and get free gift cards.  Here are my thoughts on some of them, links to others.  Let me know if I've missed some!  These are all sites I've used and redeemed.  I'm not promoting things I haven't tried!!!  I'd love for you to check them out.  There is one not included here that works through surveys, clicks, and emails.  If you'd like an invite to it, let me know and I'll get ya hooked up.  :D

Search & Win By now, most of you have probably heard of swagbucks, but in case you haven't, here it is!  I have personally redeemed over $100 bucks in amazon gift certificates, but you can also choose various prizes, other gift cards, and even money paid via paypal.  I love that swagbucks is so easy to earn on.  I use my phone and, via their mobile app, earn a lot of swagbucks via their videos.  Most of the time, I just let them play.  You can also install the toolbar and use them as your primary search engine so that you earn bucks via searches.  Sign up using the code SBISONTHEGO and you'll get a bonus 60 swagbucks to start off with!
Send Earnings
I've been a member of Send Earning for a while.  As for redemption, I'm at over $60.  Upon signup, you get $5.  You'll be paid via a check in your mailbox.  You get rewarded for reading and clicking emails, doing searches, playing games, taking surveys and shopping.  When you shop through them , there are sometimes special deals as well. Must reach $30 to cash out.

Inbox Dollars
Inbox dollars pays about the same as Send Earnings.  Same offers and everything, but you still get rewarded for basically clicking or doing almost the same thing again.  I'm at over $60 with them as well.  $5 sign up bonus, paid via check.  You have to reach $30 before you can cash out.

You get daily points via email and you start out with 30 clicks per day on their super lucky button.  I will say, however, that I have redeemed my first amazon gift card of $5 which cost 600 lucky points.  Given that I don't spend much time there at all, that's pretty decent!  If you'd like to check it out, just click the title.  Once you get to gold member status, you get points everytime your friends get points via the super lucky button.  I think they kind of have a pyramid thing going, minus the scheme part.  :D

Quick Rewards Network
Let's just get this out of the way:  I never believe anything an ad says...  I always assume there is a catch.  I decided to try this one just because I wanted to know if there really was no minimums.  I am astonished to say that there isn't!  To test it out, I cashed out at $1.20 and it was put into my paypal without any fees or catches!  I'm diggin' that!!!

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Get free stuff, including gift cards by using Swagbucks. I've redeemed $25.00 worth of Amazon gift cards, but they have other gift cards and prizes! Go and check 'em out, or if your already a member, you can use this engine to search or find out what's going on around Swagbucks!