Saturday, September 29, 2012

Crafty Zoo Announcement

Hey Everyone!  I just wanted to announce that I made the Hive team from Happy Freebie! 

I figured a Zoo just wasn't right without bees and that sweet, sweet honey! 

Plus, it goes with yesterdays post about uses for honey!  Ha!  How sweet is that!!!

*oh, come on, we all know I'm corny, just laugh and move on*

Have you heard of Happy Freebie!?!? 

They are a really awesome site that promotes brands and products which are reviewed by bloggers like me, they offer giveaways of each product they review, AND you can get a discount to buy the product if you'd like!  How awesome is that!!!!  *Personally, I have a no paying full price motto so this helps me out!*

Anyway, go here and check them out.  Get yourself signed up, it's free and easy!

If you are a merchant and would like your product promoted, you can find out about it and get hooked up here.
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