Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Genghis Grill: Great Khan Mongolian Grill Review

Hey Everyone!  Recently the hubby and I tried a new place: Genghis Grill.  It is a Mongolian grill and is really great.  I'll be honest and say my country behind had no clue what a Mongolian grill was, but I'm always up for new things so I was game!
What is it, you ask?
Well, apparently it is a build your own stir fry place!  Yum!  They have a sort of buffet line type thing with over 80 ingredients where you go through and build your stir fry bowl, then you give it to the grill master and you can watch him stir fry it!  Don't worry, if you are like me and not a good creative type cook, they have a lot of recipe cards!  I had a Cajun stir fry, with a few modifications and it was delicious!  You'll leave stuffed, I swear! 
So, I loved it so much I IMMEDIATELY signed up for the rewards club!  :D  It's free, of course and you can get a free bowl on your birthday.  SO wishing we could get free bowls on our anniversary too, think that's gonna be the new place to go!  Just thinking about it is making me hungry....  
Sorry, side tracked.
Anyway, so go here and get signed up for Khan's Rewards.  A free bowl.  Can't beat that!  Plus, they'll send you coupons and offers every now and then.  Then you'll have an excuse to go back again and again!  *And trust me, you will be hooked!*
Social Media: Love it!!!
We all know that JUST the birthday club isn't enough- we need some facebook love too!  So, go here and like their facebook page for free appetizers and some great promotions.  Free, come on!  You can't beat that!  We tried the pot stickers as our appetizer and they were SO SO SO yummy!!!  You can also follow them here on twitter.  Honestly, sometimes I think it's more like media stalking, but we're all okay with that!  LOL.  If that isn't enough stalking for ya, here is their youtube link.  They have some amusing videos.  Check em out!

As is required by the powers that be, I was not paid or compensated for the review portion of this post.  I was, however, compensated to promote their birthday club and facebook page.  The rest was all me.  However, I would never promote something I didn't love or make up opinions.  If my posts have an opinion, they are my own!  You can read the official version on the PR tab above!
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