Thursday, October 4, 2012

#ConquerWithKhan Contest and 100th Store!!!

Some of you may remember my post recently about Genghis grill.  If not, know that I LOVE them!  You get to build your own stirfry and have their Grill Master hook it up for you!  If you aren't a creative cook, they have a large selection of 'recipes' which you can modify to your own tastes.  I had the Cajun recipe without the seafood and added some pineapple.  YUM!!!  I can't wait for the next visit!  The only reason I don't live there for lunch everyday is that I would be broke!  LOL.  Well, that and it's a half hour away!  That probably saves me a lot of money!  :D  Not because they are expensive, just super yummy!  Even the waitstaff was great!  I love the environment they have there! 

Well, okay, so that wasn't the purpose of my post today.  I wanted to let you know that they are having a Facebook and Twitter Photo Contest to celebrate the opening of their 100th store and you should get in on it!  Hopefully, they have one in your area because they really are amazing!!!  And healthy to boot!  :D

The contest is open until October 19 and they have posed this question:

To enter, just upload a photo of something you've recently achieved and add the hashtag
#ConquerWithKhan. It can be anything you've done lately!  I'm posting the picture of our certivicate of completion of Foster and Adoption Pride.  You can post anything you've done though!  A good grade in something, a picture of you on your latest jog, a picture of your kid's artwork, anything! 

Upload to the Twitter account:

or Facebook page:

Are you going by?  I'd love to hear some of your accomplishments!!!
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