Sunday, December 30, 2012

Blogger Opp: Leap Pad 2

Hey Everyone!!! Here is another great blogger opp!!! Please let them know that Crafty Zoo with Monkeys sent ya! Thanks so much!

Hello Sister Bloggers and Business's!

We are hosting a LeapPad 2 Giveaway!

Bloggers: We are giving away FREE Facebook or Twitter links to those who create an announcement post found HERE. If you wish to not make this announcement post please Paypal via "gift" $1 to or add $0.20 to cover the transfer fee for regular money transfer.

Business's: Please Pay $5 ( You are not eligible for the FREE link Sorry), your business will be a COMMENT option in the giveaway which the readers will be prompted to visit your website and to come back and tell us which product they would like to buy - OR - IF you have a Facebook you can include your business Facebook link in the RC.

We are also offering 4 Co-host Spots for $10 each.

Co-host spots feature:

- A Follow Page (perfect for boosting your website traffic and lowering your alexa rank!)

- Up to 4 FREE Links on the RC with your Facebook link being one of the first entries

- AND  A Backlink to the giveaway HTML

If you would like to purchase more links in this giveaway they are $1 Each we are allowing (Facebook, Twitter & Pintrest)

Once we reach the amount needed we will close this opp and launch immediately. The goal is launch on 2/1/2013 but that all depends on how quickly we receive our signups.

To Sign up go HERE
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