Monday, December 24, 2012

MM46 Free DIY Christmas Tree

Hey Everyone!!!  Christmas is upon us and we've got some adorable trees for ya to wow your guests with!  They are quick and simple and everyone will think you worked hours on them!  Let your creativity fly!  This weeks can be found here.

Update:  It is now required that you get a free account in order to download the pages.  This will ensure that if something happens to your computer, you still have the pack!  So, get your account today and enjoy the free online backup!
Remember, you don't have to have any special software to use this, but
if you want the software from the great people that designed it, you can
 use the coupon code below!!! It's great software, I'm really enjoying
it!!! Just use the button on the left side of the page and enjoy!!! If
you want version 3, use this code: 1211MMBlogdpc to get a great discount. If you want version 2, this code: STMMMS6650 will give you a great discount! With both, you'll get $10 off, plus another $10 coupon in your software!!! Hope you enjoy!!!

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