Thursday, January 24, 2013

Fast Fixin Nuggets Review & #Giveaway

We've found our new favorite chicken nugget!  Fast Fixin' Chicken Nuggets are super yummy.  The taste iis much better than most nuggets that we've bought.  Another thing I really love?  They are a lot healthier!  Fast Fixin' uses all white meat and has 25% less fat!  
For my fellow frugal ladies and gents out there, they are also really inexpensive in comparison to their competitors.  They were priced a few dollars cheaper than their competition, which didn't guarantee having all white meat!   Plus, if you go to their site you can get a $1.00 off coupon!
To ensure that we gave them a fair shot, we've eaten an abundance of nuggets and can't seem to get enough!  We wanted to make sure that it wasn't this Zoo Keepers love for trying things out getting in the way of an honest review.  So, we've baked them, fried them, used a toaster oven and even stuck them in the microwave.  We've had them with dipping sauces, on wraps, salads, and even in stir frys!  I feel confident in saying that we really do enjoy them!  :D
They stood up very well in the stir fry, maintaining their flavor, as opposed to some in the past where we had a hard time being able to taste them.  Of course, dipping them was delicious!  I made a yummy, low calorie lunch in the form of a wrap with lettuce and tomato and that was fabulous even without sauce!  I suppose you get the idea.  LOL.  Try them out next time you need a quick meal or something simple  you know your kids will love!  Your family, stomach, and wallet will be super happy! 
Ends March 7th
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