Friday, February 1, 2013

Junkyard Love Giveaway

Hello all!!!  Hope you have some time, facebook is no longer allowing follow pages, so we've had to put all the facebook links on individual entries.  Sorry for the trouble.  You should email facebook and let them know your thoughts on it!
We are proud to bring you the Junkyard Love Giveaway hosted by Parga's Junkyard!
Junkyard Love
27 Amazing Bloggers have joined forces to make the Junkyard Love Giveaway an out of this world success!
Prizes have been sponsored by these companies and/or blogs:
Parga's Junkyard - Ear Wrap Jewelry
Origami Owl - Living Locket Jewelry
Creative Genius - Two heart baskets and a candle that says "Love"
An Essential Life - Essential Oils
7Jaded Creative Services - 1 month FREE ad space
Enter to win on the Rafflecopter Below!
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