Monday, April 1, 2013

#BabyFirstTV I Can Sign Review

Communication is the key to all relationships.  Without communication, no telling where we would be.  We communicate with our words, body language, and so many other non-verbal ways I can’t even begin to name them.  As infants, however, communication is limited.  They have a while before they are able to learn to verbally communicate much more than a few simple words.   Every new Mommy and Daddy competes to get their little Monkey to call for them first.  After that, words come slowly developing syllable by syllable. 
ESL for babies is an amazing way to help your Monkey learn to express his/her needs without you having to play the guessing game.  I Can Sign will teach you how to sign many basic words so that you can teach your baby to communicate.  Little ones will learn nearly anything we try to teach them at this age with little effort and the more they learn now, the easier it is for them to learn later!  I’ve read that children who learn multiple languages as they are developing their vocabulary have an easier time to learn other languages as they get older.  I’m certain the benefits of ESL would probably be similar.  It would definitely help them in developing their fine motor skills for sure! 
I always think of babies as little sponges.  They’ll soak up anything one is dedicated to teaching them, and some things we thought they didn't notice!  Why not dedicate yourself to teaching them something useful?  They’ll be able to learn signs like milk or water so that you know exactly what they are wanting, without the crying and guessing games. 
This little DVD is amazing at teaching us dummies…  uhh…  I mean grown ups how to sign enough to teach our Monkeys!  The little ones will probably pick it up much easier than us, but then they are little sponges.  *Now I’m wondering what that makes us???*  According to livestrong, Joseph Garcia noticed in the 70’s that children of deaf parents were able to speak sooner than children of hearing parents due in part to their learning to communicate through signing at such an early age.  The article goes on to say that children can begin learning to sign at 7-8 months!  Imagine your little one being able to clearly communicate their desires at that age!
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