Thursday, May 9, 2013

Best of Warner Bros: 100 Film Collection Ends 5/15

Copy and paste this, then fill it in:

Good morning, it's your dream Mother's Day! Anything can happen!

Waking up after sleeping in, I'm greeted with a breakfast of
________________ (food).

I'm spending the morning relaxing while watching my all-time favorite
musical ___________ (movie title). I remember watching it for the first time
when I was ________ years old.

Of course, I can't watch this movie without my favorite movie snack
___________ !

For lunch, my friends and I are taken to dine at ________________
(restaurant). Bouquets of _________ (flower) greet us on arrival.

On our way home, our car unexpectedly hits a time warp and we're teleported
back to the set of my favorite romance film!

I find myself playing the role of my favorite character ___________________

Suddenly, I'm hollywood's next big star! I'm strutting down every red carpet
and being invited to all the exclusive premieres... I'm even dating the
cutest movie star __________ and our celebrity couple name is

Suddenly I wake up and find myself safely back in my bed. Looks like I must
have dozed off and started dreaming!

Please note: Warner Brothers supplied this app and giveaway.
Ends 5/15
a Rafflecopter giveaway
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