Thursday, May 2, 2013

Pro Home Stores Fountain Review

Hey everyone!  I recently had the pleasure of reviewing an 8" Table Top Fountain from Pro Home Stores.  We've enjoyed having our little fountain on the corner of the bar in the kitchen.  It adds a certain bit of zen to the room, especially in the late evening when all of the other lights are off in the room.  A comfortable glow radiates from the lower pot as the water from the larger pot flows steadily down.  If you haven't guessed, we love it's presence!  The only thing that I don't love about the fountain is that the part that plugs in for the water pump gets pretty hot after a while.  Perhaps a larger power source was warranted?  I've got no idea on those sorts of things.  Overall, though, we are very pleased with the product.  It adds a great bit of positive ambiance! has an amazing selection of products, thousands actually!  All the home and office decor I can think of!  Some featured products include tabletop fire places, hammock chairs, and of course their fabulous outdoor water fountains!     There are ten specialty stores:
Bean Bag Chair Pros
Gun Safe Pros
Electric Fireplace Pros
Hammock Pros
Office Decor Pros
Out Door Art Pros
Out Door Fireplace Pros
TV Lift Pros
Ventless Fireplace Pros
Water Fountain Pros
My personal favorite, and the one which our amazing fountain came from is the Water Fountain Pros store.  I can't even begin to list all the products there that I am in love with!  The entire company has a great selection for what seems like any and all needs!  Shipping is always free and there is no sales tax, which is great!  Chief Zoo Keeper is up for a hammock next!

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