Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fancy and Cute Fairy Dust

Okay, so I shall begin by saying this was not my idea.  I scraplifted it from another blog.  The blog I got it from is called The Dragons Fairy Tail and I just loved it!  SO, I made a version that was a little more....  shall we say....  eye catching.  LOL  Anyway, be sure and check it out!  Super cute!  Here is my version...
I took a small bottle and filled it with 'Fairy Dust' (also known to those of us who aren't quite as creative as white glitter).  I suggest using a funnel if you have one, as we all know glitter gets everywhere!  However, if you don't have a funnel, you can use a piece of paper rolled into a funnel, just be careful when you unroll the 'funnel' because glitter will go flying! The bottle I used was a bottle they had at the liquor store (don't judge me, we cook with liquor, only OCCASIONALLY partaking responsibly!) but any small bottle would work.  Only limited to your imagination!
The lid was tricky!  Since it was so small, I couldn't get the ribbon (?) around it (plus I didn't want it to ever come off to reveal the alcohol logo!) so I took a lid from a plastic pop bottle and glued it on top.  Note: the ONLY glue I could get to work was a hot glue gun, all others came unglued!  I had to fill the space between the two lids with glue also.  After the glue had dried, I took this pink stuff (not sure what it's called, sort of like ribbon but stringier!  LOL)  and glued it around the outside and on top.  I got it from Hobby Lobby.  You'll only need 1/2 yard to do two of these, and you'll have some left over.

Sorry the pic is sideways!  LOL.  I didn't notice it when I uploaded.  Anyway, I made the label, simple and self explanatory.

The fairy ribbon I also got from Hobby Lobby.  Again, half a yard will be more than enough but honestly a 1/4 would do it.  If that!  I glued it and the ribbon using my hot glue gun.  Man, I really am starting to love that thing!!!

This is a terrible picture of the finished product.  I couldn't seem to get a good angle!  I'm sure you get the idea though!  I placed the fairies so that they were both flying toward the front.  This would make a cute little gift for a fairy themed birthday party, a decoration for a fairy themed room (You could even do larger bottles, though I would suggest making the glitter stick to the inside of the bottle rather than filling it!), or even a gift for an eccentric teenage girl!  (Which is what mine is for!)

As a side note, I was thinking the 'bad fairies' would have black dust.  What do ya think?  Not sure if I will make it, but it came to mind so there it is! 

I am looking for any projects I could do with dinosaurs.  Please leave a link or comment if you have one.  I have some girls in LOVE with them and I'd like to do something like that!!!!  Thanks and hope your Zoo is filled with laughter!  Will be trying to figure out how to do a linky party, as I just love those!  Plus, it would give us all a chance to expand our horizons!!!


Kath said...

thank you so much for letting me know and showing me this! I'm so glad you liked the idea, you did such a great job with it! I love your pink fluffy lid. so great! I'm a new follower.


Kaycee said...

That's awesome that you've joined the Zoo! I'm so excited every time someone takes interest! LOL. I'm glad you like my spin on it! I loved yours but I was making it for a very outspoken teen so I had to jazz it up! (and now we both think "Zataran's!" LOL) Welcome! Hope you enjoy it!

Jennifer Dawn said...

Very cute idea. Thaks for stopping by my little corner of the world earlier.


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